Oscars 2023: cheating behind Andrea Riseborough’s surprise nomination?

The actress would have benefited from lobbying work that would violate the rules of the Academy. The institution has launched an investigation.

His name surprised everyone when the nominations for the next Oscar ceremony were announced. The feature film To Leslie did not shine at the box office, amassing barely 27,000 dollars in revenue, and yet the actress Andrea Riseborough, who plays the main role, managed to place herself among the nominees for ” best actress”, styling the post of stars like Viola Davis. An appointment that ignited social networks. Moviegoers noticed that no black actress was in the running for the precious statuette this year. Could an influential fringe of Hollywood have stolen the place of two other African-American favorites like the heroine of The Woman King or Danielle Deadwyler?
Briton Andrea Riseborough has seen her talents touted on social media, insistently and at the last minute, by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Edward Norton. Effective campaign or cheat? The nomination has in any case questioned, so much so that the Oscars have been inundated with calls and e-mails, according to the specialized magazine Variety.

On Friday, January 27, the organization said they were looking into this season’s campaign, in a statement that did not directly mention either To Leslie or Andrea Riseborough. “The Academy’s goal is to ensure that the competition for the Oscars is conducted in a fair and ethical manner,” she said. “We are conducting a review of campaign procedures around this year’s nominees, to ensure that no rules have been broken and to understand if changes to these guidelines are needed in a new era of social media and digital communication.

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