Student debt in the United States: why is education so expensive?

Higher education costs a fortune in the United States. Nearly 43 million Americans have student loans to repay, to the point of becoming a political issue for Joe Biden.

The numbers are frightening. For their student loans, Americans are indebted to almost 1.800 billion dollars. To illustrate this problem, an example remains famous: Michelle and Barack Obama finished paying for their studies in 2004, four years before returning to the White House, after 15 years of reimbursement. This means that this debt follows you for a very long time. About 43 million Americans are in the same situation, with federal loans to repay. Joe Biden has decided to lighten the load. But there are oppositions, and in particular at the Supreme Court.

The financial future of millions of students and young professionals will be decided by this summer. 26 million people have thus taken steps to request the cancellation of part of their debt. Cost for the State: 400 billion dollars. It is even considered one of the executive actions, that is to say, one of the most ambitious and expensive decisions of the White House in recent years

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