What is deepfake and why it is in the news

Deepfake porn is a hot topic in the news today. Deep Fakes use a form of Artificial Intelligence called Deep Learning to create images/videos/content of fake events and portray them as reality. According to AI firm DeepTrace, “around 15000 deepfake videos are posted every month”. 96% of them are pornographic in nature and 99% of them are deepfakes of female celebrities mapped onto porn star faces. Creating a good deep fake is not easy through standard computers. Most high-end desktops are built with powerful graphic cards or better still computing power in the cloud to reduce processing time from days to hours. A high level of expertise is required to produce high-quality video and minimize flicker and other visual defects.
In times to come, we may see deepfakes being used to harass, intimidate, humiliate, and destabilize. However, India has been warned of deepfakes as a major problem.

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